Rachid Muleia

Rachid Muleia

Lecturer, Biostatistician (PhD)

Eduardo Mondlane University

I hold a PhD in Statistics from Hasselt University in Belgium. Currently, I am a lecture at Eduardo Mondalne University UEM in the department of mathematics and computer science, where I teach under-graduate and graduate students. My research interest revolve around generalized additive models (GAM), spatial modelling, Bayesian inference, statistical programming and infectious disease modelling. I also have a strong interest in climate change and vulnerability assessment and adaptation of the health sector.

I have been collaborating with a team of researchers at National Institute of Health, who work with key populations, helping them with survey design and statistical analysis to estimate several HIV-related indicators.

What’s more, I’m an enthusiast. Literally, I am an evangelist.

Journal Articles

Assessing the Vulnerability and Adaptation Needs of Mozambique’s Health Sector to Climate: A Comprehensive Study
Climate change poses severe consequences, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, where poverty rates may escalate by 2050 without …